An ode to the tulip…

Not so much a blog post but, as the title suggests, an ode to all the glories of the kings and queens of Spring, the tulip! This Spring at Ginger House Garden has been all about the tulip, more than any other flower they have brought colour and joy to the patch. We picked ourContinue reading “An ode to the tulip…”

Spring In The Garden

There is small satisfaction and delight as the garden begins to reveal itself after its Winter slumber. Small pockets of colour and life ‘spring’ up, bringing cheer and joy, whether it may be a clump of muscari, a pot of hyacinths rich with their heady scent, or the calming serenity of hellebores in all theirContinue reading “Spring In The Garden”

New Year, New Possibilities

There is a lull in the air, a period of limbo – the joy and merriment of the Christmas season has passed yet the many potentials of Spring seem some way off in the distance. It is at this point, with the garden so baron and lonely looking, that you wonder how you will everContinue reading “New Year, New Possibilities”