British Flowers Week 2016

My social media feeds have been completely overwhelmed this last week with beautiful photography and exquisite writing, all highlighting the wondrous beauty that are British flowers. The reason for this explosion is that up and down the land flower growers, florists and enthusiasts have been celebrating British Flowers Week. A fabulous week designed to celebrateContinue reading “British Flowers Week 2016”

June Days

The sun beats down, hot, intense and over-powering! Flowers are “popping” here, there and everywhere all over our little patch – each passing hour seems to bring new blooms bursting open, announcing their arrival. Summer has arrived…the temperature in Lancashire has hit nearly 30 degrees these last few days, the change in a matter ofContinue reading “June Days”

An ode to the tulip…

Not so much a blog post but, as the title suggests, an ode to all the glories of the kings and queens of Spring, the tulip! This Spring at Ginger House Garden has been all about the tulip, more than any other flower they have brought colour and joy to the patch. We picked ourContinue reading “An ode to the tulip…”