An ode to the tulip…

Not so much a blog post but, as the title suggests, an ode to all the glories of the kings and queens of Spring, the tulip!

This Spring at Ginger House Garden has been all about the tulip, more than any other flower they have brought colour and joy to the patch. We picked our first tulip on the 5th April, and for well over a month now we have been harvesting these beauties and this week they are sadly coming to an end, with the last few to be cut, as Spring begins to slowly transform into Summer. However, if anyone sees Spring please let me know because I would like a word with them about how cold they have been this year! It seems like only in the last week that the air has warmed itself with the Sun’s spirit.

We’ve had some stunningly long stems, tulips twisting and turning, reaching for the skies or majestically ‘flopping’ over. At the same time we’ve had some tiddlers of stems, but with rather splendid blooms on top! There have been disappointments along the way, the dreaded greenfly attack and some exciting new discoveries of different varieties – but that’s flower growing for you!

Ali’s favourite: ‘Angelique’ – a double tulip and one for the romantics out there, pure luxury with shades of pink, white and cream combining in perfect harmony together
Steph’s favourite: ‘Swan Wings’ – a pure, classic tulip with a touch of frilliness on top












Now for the best bit…photographs! Capturing these stunners has been pure joy and getting to look back with satisfaction knowing we grew each and everyone of them is so rewarding. Being able to share the tulip abundance is also pretty fun, so feast your eyes on some tulip goodness (I’m pretty sure you’ll leave with a smile on your face!)…

Everyone say cheese! Capturing these tulips has been half the fun…
A delectable selection of ‘Ice Age’, ‘Flaming Spring’, ‘Queen of Night’, ‘Beauty Queen’ and ‘Angelique’ varieties

I would apologise for all the photos, but who could when there is this much wonder to behold…and trust me it was hard enough narrowing it down to these as it was!



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