New Shoots

There is something rather joyful about the arrival of Spring, like the whole earth is reawakening after a long sleep. For me nothing beats seeing a swathe of snowdrops in a woodland, a cheery daffodil greeting you like the morning sun or seeing a new-born lamb galloping about in the field. There is a sense of delight and cheer in the air. As the garden begins to show signs of life again, with new shoots and glimpses of colour appearing, it somehow acts as a signal to get your wellies on and get to work. There are seeds to be sown and there is earth to be ploughed.

IMG_0701 IMG_0714







Highlights of the Ginger House garden so far have been snowdrops dancing in the wind, crocus and miniature iris bulbs providing electric shots of colour and the narcissi pictured above, which we are rather taken with. We are now patiently awaiting the arrival of these little beauties with all the promise they bring…


…Our tulips currently look like little soldiers all standing to attention awaiting their orders to rise up and spring into action. We are testing new ways of planting and many a new variety this year so we can’t wait to see what happens and what we get, hopefully some dreamy peaches and soft pink hues to lift our spirits and inspire us.

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