New Year, New Possibilities

There is a lull in the air, a period of limbo – the joy and merriment of the Christmas season has passed yet the many potentials of Spring seem some way off in the distance. It is at this point, with the garden so baron and lonely looking, that you wonder how you will ever be able to grow any blooms worthy of note. But somehow nature has a way of doing her ‘thing’ and you know in a few months the cycles of growth will begin again, bringing with them new potential for creativity and expression. Just a glance back at last year and your confidence is renewed in the potential of what you can grow and create…

IMG_0531 IMG_0579

The colours and vitality of sweet peas, dahlias, cosmos and cornflowers, no matter how distant they may seem, are exactly what you need to bring a little cheer in the post-Christmas come down and offer the promise of what is to come.

The joy of it all of course is that you’re never quite sure what you are going to get until the flowers burst into life. That is probably one of the greatest pleasures (and trials) of growing your own flowers to cut and arrange, your choices are guided by nature, not determined by what any shop or supermarket may offer. The earth and the elements are making many of the decisions for you.

So here’s to a new year and new potential for growth and creativity to blossom in the Ginger House Garden…


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