Spring In The Garden

There is small satisfaction and delight as the garden begins to reveal itself after its Winter slumber. Small pockets of colour and life ‘spring’ up, bringing cheer and joy, whether it may be a clump of muscari, a pot of hyacinths rich with their heady scent, or the calming serenity of hellebores in all their glory. Whilst the cold and occasional frost still seem to plague us, I’ll take a bright crisp morning, with the sunshine illuminating the flowers, over many a thing.

I thought I would share some photographs from the Spring bounty over the past couple of weeks here at Ginger House Garden, as they reveal so much more loveliness than words ever could…

Stephanie with her number one accessory of the moment – gorgeous homegrown tulips, including ‘Swan Wings’, ‘Flaming Purissima’ and ‘Apricot Impression’
Alexandra’s garden gathered Spring jam jar posy – featuring white grape hyacinths, a mix of narcissus, Snake’s Head fritillary and our favourite fritillaria ‘Elwesii’, along with some euphorbia to add some greenery

Away from Ginger House Garden it has been a pleasure to witness signs of vitality popping up in all manor of places. Baby pink blossom against a vivid blue sky, yellow primroses clinging to rock faces along the coast and rows of daffodils flanking country lanes have all been enjoyed. I find I have to frequently remind myself that nature knows best and ultimately has the control. Witnessing flowers in their natural environments, flourishing at their best, reminds me of this.

Whilst it has been rather lovely having some blooms to embrace and work with again there has also been much action going on to prepare for the long (hopefully!) Summer months ahead. The greenhouse is fit to bursting with trays of annual seedlings, potted up dahlias and a trial of June/July flowering ranunculus. Outside the perennial border has been weeded and tidied up by the unofficial third member of Ginger House Garden and chief tea maker/cake baker – Mum! It is exciting to see new life and growth appearing on the hydrangeas, peony and delphiniums.

With all this Spring beauty surrounding us and the promise of what is to arrive in the coming months, it is a pleasure to be in the garden cutting flowers again!

Clumps of yellow primroses along the rock face between Howick and Craster, Northumberland. Bruised and battered by wind, rain and freezing temperatures, but yet standing firm. Not sure the same could be said for us once we’d traipsed through the mud!
Bright blues and yellows of narcissus and grape hyacinths
Hellebore magic with subtle hues

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