June Days

The sun beats down, hot, intense and over-powering! Flowers are “popping” here, there and everywhere all over our little patch – each passing hour seems to bring new blooms bursting open, announcing their arrival. Summer has arrived…the temperature in Lancashire has hit nearly 30 degrees these last few days, the change in a matter of days has been remarkable.


Gone are the days of Spring bulbs, blossom and expanses of bluebells. They are replaced by lanes lined in swathes of cow parsley, the scent of wild garlic lingering in the air of woodland undergrowth and wild flower meadows rippling in the breeze. Here at Ginger House Garden the annuals have arrived: the happy faces of cornflowers, the deep, moody purple of cerinthe and the fascinating forms of nigella heads are beginning to fill the beds with Summer joy. The heavenly scent of the first sweet peas have also bloomed. Sweet peas are an absolute must at Ginger House; there is something completely innocent about sweet peas, their abundance of youth can’t seem to fail to make you childishly happy! In the perennial border a riot of action is going on: electric shots of blue from the delphinium spikes, bobbing balls of purples and whites from the alliums, self-seeded aquilegias in clumps dotted about and peonies on the brink of stealing the show from everyone!

All this glorious abundance of flowers doesn’t mean the work stops though…seedlings still need to be potted on, planted out, biennials such as foxgloves, honesty and sweet williams all need to be sown, and of course there is always the watering! The work is worth it though for the reward it brings!


There is something magical about the transition from Spring to Summer, May to June…the changing season brings the forgotten joy of certain flowers back into your consciousness. The soft, muted pastels of Spring are replaced by the vibrant, energetic brights of Summer. Birds, bugs and bees seem to revel in it all as much as you. The garden is alive, nature is singing and the sun is shining – all in perfect harmony!

A season of joyful blooms awaits, the anticipation is palpable and we can’t wait!


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