Where did Summer go?!

I have finally done it, I have finally sat down and actually written a blog post! The last few months have been so busy and exhausting that trying to take the time to write a blog just hasn’t happened. The truth is that I have also struggled for inspiration to write, the pressure to write something that someone might deem interesting has meant I have written and deleted many beginnings to posts. I still struggle to believe that anyone would be interested in our story and everyday nonsense of the trials and tribulations of being flower farmers.

I don’t know where the last few months have gone; Summer has flown by in a blur. It doesn’t seem two minutes since we were in the throes of tulips and Spring’s awakening; now Autumn is well and truly beckoning and thoughts have turned to Christmas! Whilst trying to keep up with the sowing, planting out, harvesting, weed control and every other job that needs doing on the farm, we have been busy spreading the British flowers word all over North Northumberland! Our trusty car has done many a trip up and down the A1 – delivering to lovely locals, florists, village shops, delis, art galleries, hairdressers, DIY brides, dried flower enthusiasts and everyone in-between. If I didn’t know the roads of Northumberland before this summer I certainly do now! I shan’t complain though – the fact we have had so many people embracing our seasonal blooms has been so rewarding (and actually a great relief – there was always that niggling feeling as to whether or not anyone would actually buy our flowers!)


Away from the flower growing world the menagerie at the farm also continues to grow. We are now proud owners of 13 sheep, 6 hens and 1, very adorable and very demanding, cockapoo puppy called Polly. The boy has definitely been invaded by women! But all these girlies are all part of the dream of living here in Northumberland, being able to work the land and embrace all of nature’s wonders. The simple things, like finding a freshly laid egg in a morning or seeing Miss Polly Pocket gallop through the flower beds (with absolutely no regard for their well-being), often provide the biggest of joys!

New girls on the block
Best friends!
Time to start all over again – the back pain never gets easier though!

And now we have come full circle, we are back planting bulbs again, lining the little soldiers up ready to rise up next springtime so we can start all over again. One gentleman we delivered to this season quite seriously asked ‘so what do you do the rest of the time?’ We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! The truth is there has been a fair amount of both over the last few months! Constantly playing catch-up, never quite on top of things, but steadily learning that that is the way of the flower farmer, there will always be another job added to an endless list!


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