An Awakening

What does Spring mean to you? The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the lambs are skipping, the blossom is blooming and flowers are emerging. (In practice anyway, there are still some wet and dreary days that drag you back into the dearth of Winter.) But beyond these superficial images we mentally associate so closely with Spring’s arrival,  what does the season truly embody? Whilst I cannot speak for others, as a flower farmer springtime is a true awakening and a new cycle beginning. After what feels like an endless wintertime the cut flower season is about to begin in earnest…

In early February we made the “epic” journey down South to Birmingham for the first Flowers From The Farm national conference – as a side note I wouldn’t recommend a 4 and  a half hour train journey on a Sunday afternoon if you value your sanity! It turns out being ginger and sisters means you stand out a little, our reputation appeared to precede us as we had countless ‘oh, you’re the ginger sisters’ moments. We came away with having somewhat brain fog – Mrs M asked us when we got back if we were all enthused and inspired, our reply was yes, but goodness we have a lot to think about! Most of all it was great to meet so many other people in the same boat as us. Being a flower farmer can feel like a rather lonely, isolated existence at times, so to share time and thoughts with people experiencing the same highs and lows as you was encouraging! All in all the trip was a good boost to kickstart the season and get us in full gear…

The Boy finally let us girls loose on his pride and joy – the trailer is certainly making life somewhat easier – backwards and forwards with a wheelbarrow is not so good for one’s back!

One of the true blessings of Spring for us is to be back working with flowers again. The tactile nature of seasonal flowers is often underestimated I feel, but in working with flowers, engaging with their differing colour, scent, form and texture, you realise how much you have missed these things during the wintertime – how they can enlighten you, inspire you, and ultimately lift you to a better place. You often loose site of this “place” when you are shovelling muck or digging out beds, so to stop and dwell on a mound of  daffodils, a speckled hellebore or a spike of muscari every now and then is worthwhile – if only for one’s own self improvement. Such moments can bring one a sense of peace, place and contentment, as you calmly whisper to yourself ‘this is where I belong’.

Spring is a season of hope and I am clinging to its promises more closely than ever this year as it heralds a great leap of faith for us at Ginger House Garden – don’t say it too loud but, we are beginning to sell our flowers in the next few weeks! It feels like this moment has been a long time in the making! As new shoots appear daily from the ground, forming structure and strength, I hope such sentiments will be reflected in us, as we begin to discover our identity as flower farmers in the coming weeks and months ahead.

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